What if your laundry wasn’t categorized?

Can you imagine getting dressed if you didn’t categorize your clothes? How much longer would it take you to get dressed in the morning?

Have you ever had someone else put away your dishes and tried to find something in the kitchen?

Students feel this way with math if they aren’t able to categorize it. One way to categorize is by using signs.


How do I use these signs in Algebra? 

We are currently working on solving quadratic equations. I made signs with the different ways of factoring, (GCF, trinomial, grouping, difference of squares).

I also made signs for different ways of solving (Factoring, Square Roots, Quadratic Formula).


How did I use these signs in AP Statistics? 

Another use I’ve found in AP Statistics is with probability and complements. (These are the ones in the image). I had students that didn’t understand how to identify the complement so I made signs. I needed a way to make the concept of complements concrete.

On one side was the probability from the problem (miss) and the other side was the complement (make).

First, they identified the probability in the problem then they flipped their sign to identify the complement. This helped them write the new probability.


Please comment with how could you use these signs in your room? 

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