Three Thanksgiving Activities for any Math Classroom

iThis week, we are practicing math by playing Thanksgiving games. We play a week’s worth of games for all major activities. During Halloween, we did a murder mystery, Dem Bones, What’s for Dinner.

I’m really excited to share with you our Thanksgiving activities. These are great for all math levels and can be used with any math content!

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ACTIVITY 1:  Find my Feathers

This activity is great for any math content and at any math level.

This is the bald turkey used for the activity. Students hooked feathers to this as they collected them.

First, I copied and laminated the turkey above for each group. I had students working in groups of 3-4. Next, I made feathers out of construction paper. I had 8 different color feathers, enough for each group to have a set.

Next, I created a problem set for each color feather. There was a red feather set, yellow, green, blue, etc.  I placed one problem set at each group of 4 desks.

For each color feather, I wrote a clue for students to find their feather in our room. For example, the yellow feather clue read, “Find your yellow feather where you can turn in your late work.” Students received their clue only after showing me their work for the yellow problem set.

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Activity 2:  Turkey Target

Students solved math problems to be able to throw a rubber duck at different sized turkey targets. I placed a masking tape line they had to stand behind to make their throw. The smaller the target, the more points they earned. The group with the most points at the end won a prize.

This is one of the rubber ducks we used. They are all Thanksgiving themed.

Want this activity in a three-part video series?  Click Here.


Activity 3: Four Key

This is connect four Thanksgiving style. Warning, your students will LOVE this game! Great with any content and any grade level.

First, to make the connect four board, take a large piece of paper, fold it in half four times. Draw in the lines created with a Sharpie.

Second, split your class into two groups, place half of your desks on one side of the room and half on the other side. Place your game board in the middle.

To play, give students a math problem to solve and enough time to work it out with their group. If they are correct, they send one representative to the game board. They play a round of rock, paper, scissors. The winner chooses whether they want to make their move first or second. Repeat these steps until you have a winner. Note, for the winning round, I play best out of three for rock, paper, scissors and I allow them to send up anyone from their team. All other rounds, they have to send up someone new.

Want a video series that includes all of these games that your students are going to love? Click Here. 

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