The Amazing Egg Hunt

I don’t know about you but I have a birthday week! Who wants to celebrate for just one day?
So why just celebrate each holiday for one day, if at all, in your classroom. I celebrate each one for a school week with activities planned for each day. I make sure to advertise the activities to pump the students up.
Students have come to enjoy this tradition. I hear “I love this class” frequently as students enter the room to see what event we have planned for the holiday.
At Christmas, we had an ugly holiday sweater to wrap up the week. Students rewrote Christmas carols to include math learned during first semester. I never ask them to do something I wouldn’t. I sang the carol which I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s the famous, “Have yourself an Arithmetic Sequence.”
I have some great activities planned for Easter.
  • The Great Egg Hunt
  • Minute to Win It Games
  • Egg Toss
  • Build a Bunny
  • Easter Egg Basket – Fill It Up
  • Easter Card

Do you want more activities like the one below?

Directions for The Great Egg Hunt:

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic Easter eggs.
  • Problem set
  • Sharpie or Pen to write on eggs.

Teacher Directions:

  • Set of problems to place in Easter Eggs – have one for each group.
    • Note – I am going to number each problem and number the egg. If students have clue #1 but find egg #4, they will know they aren’t correct.
  • Write a clue for each egg.
  • Make copies of the clues and cut them apart.
  • Hide each egg where the clue leads.
  • Prize for the winner of the great egg hunt (Optional).
  • To begin the great egg hunt, give each group a different clue
  • Place students into groups of 3-4.

Note, I will have students race with a personal whiteboard, marker and eraser.

Student Directions:

  • Get a clue from your teacher.
  • Decipher the clue.
  • Find the egg, open the egg, complete the problem in the egg. Place the egg back where you found it.
  • Return to your classroom for your next clue.
  • Repeat the previous steps.

Problem Set for my Egg Hunt:

  1.   4x3 – x
  2.  9p – 3pq -6n + 2nq
  3. 6a2 – 9ab – 15b2
  4.  15r3 + 20r2s – 20rs2
  5. x3y – xy + 5x2y – 5y
  6.  42x3 + 68x2 + 16x
  7.  3xy2 – 27x3
  8.  18x – 8x3

Clues for my egg hunt:

  1. We have a big field trip coming up. Your egg is by the board where there would be information for team 8A.
  1.  This is the door that I enter to come into work every day!  Find your next egg here.
  2. Are you tired from walking? Find your egg where you could stop to rest in the hallway.
  3.  Oh man you lost your favorite pencil pouch. Find your next egg where you might be able to recover it!
  1.  Find your next egg near the electrical closet closest to us.
  1.  Find your next egg by door #32 – 6 * (1xy)0
  1.  I’m sooooo hungry and can’t wait until lunch. Find your next egg where I could find a snack.
  2.  Find your next egg by the board for team 8b.
Do you want 5 activities (enough for a school week) for all major holiday? The holidays are such a busy time, let us do your planning for you, Click now. 


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