Sydney, a former Algebra student:

Before coming into this class I felt very uncomfortable with anything having to do with math. Since the beginning of the year I’ve felt a lot more confident in my work. I can tell that I’ve improved a lot and math in general is just easier for me to deal with. I used to worry about coming to math class, but now consider it one of my easy subjects. Now that I’ve improved on my mathematical skills I could walk into a math class proud and confident. Even though I used to dread going to a class that involved any type of math. I simply didn’t like math at all until this year.

Hayley, a former Algebra II Honors student:

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and our school. Math, ironically, isn’t my best subject, but you always made me feel like the best student. I loved coming into class and learning every day. I learned so much and appreciate all the time you dedicate to better our experiences and our schools. Thanks again!

Froilan, a former exchange student:

You are the best teacher ever. You know how to explain math really well. Without you math can’t be easy for me. With your explanations I helped other people. You always make me smile in class. You are the best of bests. I will miss you.

A former Algebra II parent:

Thank you for all your help and kindness with Stephanie! It has truly made such a big difference in her self esteem. We can’t thank you enough and we really appreciate a teacher who really cares!

Maggie, a former Algebra student:

Thank you for everything. Who knew math could be fun, well at least easy. It’s hard to come by a good math teacher. Thank you for being one of the great ones. Thank you for being my map and guiding me through the unknown.