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When I begin teaching any new lesson, I always think about how I can make it more interactive and engaging for students. When using formulas such as the slope formula or the quadratic formula, I often have students lose negative signs. I developed activities so this no longer happens!

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When I used to teach the quadratic formula, I used color in ax2 + bx + c = 0 for a, b and c. I used a different color for each. Then I would use the same colors in the quadratic formula. I still had some students that didn’t follow this even using the colors. This reach more of my students than without color but it didn’t reach them all.

As you can tell from my other posts, I enjoy games; however, they aren’t always the best way to introduce a topic. I needed a way to make the quadratic formula more engaging. I blew it up and laminated it. I enlarged two copies of the same quadratic equation.

Now, students could physically cut out A, B, and C in standard form and place it on the appropriate spot on the quadratic formula. I had two copies of the same quadratic equation since we need A twice.

Next, we used dry erase markers and wrote the equation that was left.

Finally, we discussed how to simplify the quadratic formula.

Video of lesson: http://https://youtu.be/cpkB1IFGetw

I did the same with the slope formula and had students no longer lose the subtraction sign when they are finding the difference between the x-coordinates and y-coordinates.

How do you make formulas more engaging?


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