sum it - a quadratic activity

Sum it – solving quadratic activity

We are beginning our ABC countdown tomorrow with Aloha day. I am trying to create a new activity for each day to celebrate our last few days together.

Tomorrow students are going to participate in an activity titled Sum It.

Teacher Directions: 

  • Place students in groups of 4.
  • Assign each student a letter (A – D).
  • Hand out the first problem set.


Student Directions: 

  • Solve the problem that corresponds to your letter.
  • Add all of your solution together.
  • Check your solution with your teacher.
  • Repeat previous three steps until you have finished all 7 problem sets.

I will have a prize for the first team to finish. Maybe I will bring some pineapple!

Once students are finished, they are going to complete a sort for solving by factoring versus solving using the square root method. One problem on the sort has solutions that are decimals which will lead to the quadratic formula on Friday.


Enjoy the last few days of school. If you are looking for more inspiration to end the year, join our active math tribe. We send a weekly email with a movement activity + Free murder mystery activity + Access to our free active math resource library.


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