Math Musical Chairs

I love playing games, whether it is a game of Candy Land with my kids, or a hand of Euker or Wizard so I love bringing games into my classroom.

It is boring to play the same games again and again so I am constantly trying to think of new ones. How can I use musical chairs in my Algebra 1 room? 

Teacher Directions:

  • Place the chairs in the center of your room.
  • Turn on music (I used Youtube). We played this at Christmas and Halloween. At Halloween I played the Monster Mash and Spooky Skeletons. This was a student request.
  • Stop the music and have students who are sitting in a chair solve a problem on the board.
  • If students solved a math problem incorrectly, they were taken out of the game with the students who didn’t have a chair.

What do you do with students once they are out?

  • I split them into two teams to begin the game.
  • Once out they went to the right side or left side of the room.
  • They raced against each other and the winning team chose someone from the other side to be out of the game.

Note:  I took out two chairs at a time because I have large classes (31 students). Otherwise, we may not have finished a game.

Want more ideas like this?  Click the image below to access our free active math resource library with activity that can be used for any math content/level.


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