Math Musical Chairs – Halloween Edition


Today launched the beginning of my week’s worth of Halloween activities in Algebra class. I have a costume for every theme. Today we played math musical chairs. How does this work?


  1. First, move all of your desks to the edges of the room and place your chairs in the middle of the room.


2. Separate students into two groups.

  • Note, I used two different colored leaves for my groups. I passed these out as students entered the room.

3.  Play Halloween Music – Pandora has a great Halloween station. You can also play “Monster Mash” or “Spooky Skeletons” from YouTube.

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4.  Have students play a round of musical chairs.

5. The student who is out moves to their side of the room.

  • At the beginning of the game, I told students which side of the room was for the yellow leaves and which side of the room was for the orange leaves.

6. Complete a math problem on the whiteboard. Time this and any student who is in the middle and is incorrect is also out before moving to the next round of musical chairs.

7.  Take out a chair.

  • I have 31 students in my room. I took out 2 chairs for the first few rounds to keep play moving.

How do you keep the students who are out engaged?

  • Once students were out and moved to their side of the room, I kept checking their answers. If they were incorrect, I randomly chose someone else from their team to be out.

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