Learn to play math land a version of candy land!


If you want a copy of this game, it’s in our active math resource library. Click here.

Candyland was one of my favorite board games as a kid so why not bring it to my math room? I didn’t want students to just sit at their desks, playing it on a small game board so I turned it into a full size board game.

The game board takes up our entire classroom. I used the colors purple, green, yellow, orange, blue and red. I placed a rectangle filled with each color on a full size piece of paper. I am going to laminate mine. See the sample below:

Next, I made cards for students to pull from a deck to show how many spaces to move. I made singles for each color. See my sample below:

The red piece, I will cut in half to make two game cards. If they chose one of these, they would move to the next red space.

I made double of each color. The purple I will cut in half and it will make two game pieces. This is two show a double purple move. If they choose this card, they would move two purple spaces on the game board. 

Do you want a copy of this activity? Click here. 

Students will solve a math problem. This could be played with a worksheet. Once they solve one problem from the worksheet, they choose a card from their deck. You could use a problem set from their book. Once again, solve a problem, check it with you. If it’s correct, choose a card from their deck. Move along the game board. I am going to use small foam dice as markers.


Instead of candy shortcuts, I have the four basic math operations as shortcuts. See a sample of my shortcut cards:

Do you want a copy of this game? Click here: It is in our free active math resource library.


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