How to use a round robin in your room?

Uses for a round robin

This was one of the first activities that I learned to make about 10 years ago. They have gained in popularity and now you can find them all over the internet as scavenger hunts. Let me give you some details about how I have used a round robin my room. You can make one in 5 minutes or less (if you hand write it) and maybe in 10 minutes or less if you are going to type it. This is one activity I would never purchase on TPT because they are so quick and easy to make.

Steps to create a round robin:
Step 1: Write a problem on a piece of paper.
Step 2: Write the solution to that problem 1 on paper 2.
Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have enough problems for your class for students to work in pairs. This is how many I prefer in a group. I don’t allow more than 2 students at their initial problem.S

Step 4: Hang the problems around your room. Don’t want to hang them up, you could just lay them on students’ desks.

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Student directions: 

  • Begin at any problem in the room.
  • Find your solution on another sheet.
  • Next, do the problem on this sheet.
  • Keep repeating the steps above until you return back to the problem you started at.

This activity is extremely versatile, you could…

Do you have another use for round robins? (scavenger hunts)

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