Connect 4

How to play connect four in math

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Connect 4

How to play connect four with your math class?


Teacher Directions: 

  • To make the game board - Take a large sheet of paper, fold it in half, in half and in half a third time. Unfold and trace the lines created with a black sharpie.  Should look like the picture below.





  • Split class into two equal groups.
  • Separate desks to the sides of the room and place the game board on the ground in the middle.
  • Give students a problem to solve and set a timer. During this time, they are able to work with anyone on their team.
    • Note, I have students solve the problems on personal whiteboards.
  • Check every student's answer. If the entire group is correct, take a volunteer from each group.
  • Students who come up will play rock/paper/scissors.
    • Note, during round 1, I let the winner choose which marker their team would like to use. For connect for fall, we had two different leaves. See below:

Connect 4 Fall Edition

  • Whichever team wins the rock/paper/scissors battle also decides if they would like to be the first or second team to make a move on the game board.
  • We continue solving problems, playing rock/paper/scissors until one team wins.


This is a great game to play around holidays with students. The picture above shows the version for Connect Four Fall edition. We also played Connect Fourkey at Thanksgiving and Connect Hearts for Valentine's Day.



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