How to play are you feeling LUCKY?

Are you feeling lucky?

Teacher Directions:

  • Place students into groups from 2-4 (I used four).
    • Note the smaller your group size, the more numbers you will need.
  • Create a Google spreadsheet with numbers 1-100 (for groups of 4), add more numbers for smaller groups. Share the spreadsheet to your class LMS (Google Classroom, Haiku, Edmodo, etc).

Here is a link to my spreadsheet:

Note, this was created in Google sheets, you will only be able to view if you have a Gmail account. Otherwise, I’ve attached a pdf if you don’t have a Google Mail account.

  • If you don’t have devices, you could print out the spreadsheet and have them hand write in their group name or one name from their group. Only one entry per group.
  • Problem Set – I stopped with 1 minute left in class to pick a winner. You will need enough problems to fill all but one minute of your class period.
    • To draw a random number, I projected this on my smartboard and drew in front of the class.

Link to random number generator:*


Student Directions:

  • Solve a problem and have it checked with your teacher.
  • Choose one number and type a group name or one of your names in column B of the spreadsheet. Only one entry per problem solved.
  • Keep repeating steps one and 2 until you have solved all problems.
    • If there is already a name in column B for a number you want to choose, you have to choose a different number.

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