Math Musical Chairs – Halloween Edition


Today launched the beginning of my week’s worth of Halloween activities in Algebra class. I have a costume for every theme. Today we played math musical chairs. How does this work?


  1. First, move all of your desks to the edges of the room and place your chairs in the middle of the room.


2. Separate students into two groups.

  • Note, I used two different colored leaves for my groups. I passed these out as students entered the room.

3.  Play Halloween Music – Pandora has a great Halloween station. You can also play “Monster Mash” or “Spooky Skeletons” from YouTube.

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4.  Have students play a round of musical chairs.

5. The student who is out moves to their side of the room.

  • At the beginning of the game, I told students which side of the room was for the yellow leaves and which side of the room was for the orange leaves.

6. Complete a math problem on the whiteboard. Time this and any student who is in the middle and is incorrect is also out before moving to the next round of musical chairs.

7.  Take out a chair.

  • I have 31 students in my room. I took out 2 chairs for the first few rounds to keep play moving.

How do you keep the students who are out engaged?

  • Once students were out and moved to their side of the room, I kept checking their answers. If they were incorrect, I randomly chose someone else from their team to be out.

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The Pumpkin Toss – A Halloween Math Game

How to play the great pumpkin toss! I will be dressing up to math all of my Halloween activities. For this activity, I have you guessed it, a pumpkin costume.


  • 45-50 minute class period

Materials Needed:

  • 5 plastic pumpkins
  • Candy
  • Plastic spiders to throw or other object to throw

The ones shown are $1.49 at Party City.


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Teacher Directions:

  • Purchase 5 plastic pumpkins such as the ones shown below.
    • Note, I purchased 5 different colors to make it more colorful in my room.

  • Place candy inside each pumpkin.
    • Note, I used cheaper candy inside the closest pumpkins to the line.
  • Place pumpkins in a row.
  • Use masking tape to draw a line on the ground students have to stay behind.
  • Give students a set of problems to solve.


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Student Directions:

  • Solve a math problem.
  • Check answer with teacher.
  • If answer is correct, throw plastic spider at pumpkins.
  • If spider lands in a pumpkin, you win a piece of candy from that pumpkin.
  • Repeat previous steps until class is over.


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Connect 4

How to play connect four in math

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Connect 4

How to play connect four with your math class?


Teacher Directions: 

  • To make the game board - Take a large sheet of paper, fold it in half, in half and in half a third time. Unfold and trace the lines created with a black sharpie.  Should look like the picture below.





  • Split class into two equal groups.
  • Separate desks to the sides of the room and place the game board on the ground in the middle.
  • Give students a problem to solve and set a timer. During this time, they are able to work with anyone on their team.
    • Note, I have students solve the problems on personal whiteboards.
  • Check every student's answer. If the entire group is correct, take a volunteer from each group.
  • Students who come up will play rock/paper/scissors.
    • Note, during round 1, I let the winner choose which marker their team would like to use. For connect for fall, we had two different leaves. See below:

Connect 4 Fall Edition

  • Whichever team wins the rock/paper/scissors battle also decides if they would like to be the first or second team to make a move on the game board.
  • We continue solving problems, playing rock/paper/scissors until one team wins.


This is a great game to play around holidays with students. The picture above shows the version for Connect Four Fall edition. We also played Connect Fourkey at Thanksgiving and Connect Hearts for Valentine's Day.



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How to play movement bingo

B9, B9 and we slowly mark B9 on our Bingo board. This is not the bingo found in your local VFW hall. This is Bingo with a PE twist!


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Teacher Directions:

  • Type the problems that you want to use in the game below. Copy these problems, enough for students in groups of 2-4. Use a different color paper for each group if possible.
  • Cut out all of the problems. Place the problems in an envelope or Ziploc bag. Write a different number on each envelope or bag.
  • Place your desks tables into groups of 2-4. Give each group of desks a number. Then hang their problems across from their location in the room.
  • Type the answer to each problem in the center of a page. Use one page per answer.
  • Print the answers on 11×14 paper. Place these problems in the center of the room as a bingo board. You can have more or fewer problems than I have but they need to make a square. To win bingo students need to have solved correctly all of the problems horizontal, vertical or diagonal on the board.
  • Copy the movement page, cut them apart and give each group one of the movements. You can change these to anything you want but need one per group. I had students change their movements every 2-3 minutes by rotating clockwise amongst the groups in the room.


Student Directions:

  • With your group, doing your movement, move across the room to your team’s bag of problems. Take out one problem and doing your movement move back to your desks.
  • Solve your problem.
  • With your group, doing your movement, move to the bingo board and place your problem on its corresponding answer on the bingo board.
  • Repeat the previous three steps until you have achieved bingo – you have all problems marked horizontally, vertically or on a diagonal.
  • Repeat the first three steps until you have super bingo – the entire board filled.


Student movements: These can be changed to any movement. You need one per group.

  • Walking Lunge
  • Grapevine
  • Hop on one Foot
  • Zombie
  • Moonwalk
  • Skip
  • Monkey
  • Penguin
  • Train
  • Hop Side to Side

Modification:  Give each student group a dance move!

  • Dab
  • Electric Slide
  • Whip and Nae Nae
  • Running Man
  • Shopping Cart
  • Etc.


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